I have Bachelor degree of Information Technology and for few years after university I work on the field I studied. However, my grandfather passed down a passion for driving and to be a driver, he was a private driver for many important people.

He always brought me and my brother to small trips around the countryside with his antique FIAT 500 (that of course we still have!) and taught us how to drive as he did with my mom before us.

These beautiful memories accompany all of us today, every day.



My brother is amazing with guests, indeed is the one that love to bring guests to tours.

He is very polite and always ready to let everybody laugh, his smile is infectious!



My father is the column of the family and of the business, he is always calm and, if there is an emergency, he is the first in line.

The best thing I love about him is that he is diplomatic and firm but always with a smile and a positive thinking.



My mother since I was child, as a typical Italian mom, is the head of the family, she controlled everybody and everything.

She keeps all the family united, she is a strong and unique women.



Marco is the new entry for the 2024 season, he will be one of the driver. We spent together our childhood and he is one of my best friend.

He is very polite, respectful and he has a sweet heart: I always call him “the good giant”.